Internet & Mobile banking

Instant banking, wherever you are, with the new First Bank app!


You can quickly check the balance of your accounts and the history of transactions by categories. The transfer between them has never been easier.


With just a few clicks payments are ready. You can save your recurring transfers and even customize them for future payments.

100% online operations

Deposits, accounts, or the first virtual prepaid card in Romania, all at your disposal via winbank.


You can forget about queues. You can pay your bills quickly by scanning them, or by selecting the suppliers enrolled in the app.


Whether you want to pay taxes, or the bridge charge or your car vignette, with our application everything is easier.


Whether you log in to the app, make an online payment or transfer, you can approve with fingerprint payments or make an id.

Try the new mobile app now!

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You can find all the functionalities of the new app here.

It is important to use your Winbank credentials at the first login. After this step you will need to register new ones.
For more details please check our guide here.

If you forgot your Winbank user name and password you will need to make some new ones in any First Bank branch.
If you just forgot your password, you can use the password reset process in the new application. You will only need your debit card. You can find the password reset process here.

After the first login with your Winbank username and password, you will need to register new ones.
The new password must be at least 8 characters, a capital letter, a lowercase letter and at least one digit.
Valid example: Ab723951 / A723951b / 723A951b
The password field does not support special characters. For example:! / @ / # / $
For a further security step, you will also need to set a 4-digit pin, fingerprint, or face id.

The two applications are self-contained. For the most part, what you do in WinBank remains in WinBank and what you do in the First Bank app remains in the First Bank app. You can see your accounts and payments, but everything about payment templates, scheduled payments, or direct debits will need to be treated separately:
Payment templates do not move to the beneficiaries section of the new app. You will need to add your beneficiaries to the new app.
Scheduled and future payments from WinBank remain valid. If you set one in the new app for the same provider, the payment will double. Make sure you delete your scheduled payments from Winbank when you set new ones in the new First Bank app.
For the payment of invoices we do not yet have iet all the providers available in the First Bank app. We will be back soon with an update and more suppliers.
Winbank will still be available for a period in parallel with the new app. If you want to use it again, you will need to use the password and password you originally had for WinBank.

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