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Find out how much you will pay when you make a transaction at POS or ATM in another currency.
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For foreign exchange transactions with your card, the VISA exchange rate is also taken into account, which means that if you want to make transactions in levs, zlotys, danish kroner or any other currency using your card, the conversion will first be made in euros at the VISA exchange rate and then from euro in lei, at the First Bank exchange rate applicable to you at the time of debiting the transaction. If you use a euro card, the amount received in euros from Visa will be debited directly from your account. The calculations you make are indicative and take into account the First Bank, VISA and ECB courses currently valid.

The European Central Bank publishes around 16:00 (Central European Time) the reference exchange rates for the official currencies of the non-euro area Member States as well as for the most traded currencies. The euro reference rates set by the ECB are for information only.

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