You have access to efficient trading solutions.

Cash management services cover the entire financial circuit of a company, namely receipts, cash management and payments, the bank providing the support you need to make profitable business decisions, at costs controlled by you.

Through company accounts you can perform:

  • receipts and payments in currencies accepted by the bank
  • cash deposits and withdrawals, in lei and foreign currency
  • payment of salaries and foreign exchange

In addition to standard services and products, we are also concerned with the specific needs of your business.

Choose the account that suits you:

  • Account with special functionality, suitable for issuing guarantees related to your contractual commitments
  • The escrow account, through which the amounts related to commercial transactions will be released by the bank upon fulfillment of the conditions established by the tripartite contract.
  • VAT account, if you prefer the broken down payment of VAT for your business.

Choose modern tools that will take your business to the next level:

Visa Business Premium & Standard corporate cards are dedicated to companies that aim to efficiently manage money.

For complete details, download the VISA DEBIT BUSINESS Standard and Premium product description file.

Find out here the rates and fees for debit cards.

Motivate your employees through us and enjoy a lot of benefits such as:

  • competitive bid by collecting revenue
  • fast way to issue debit cards
  • an accessible system for the transfer of employees' financial rights
  • Contact us for an offer of Salaries and Loyalty Systems.

Request the offer here.

Choose a suitable Deposit for your company:

  • With Term Deposit, you will know from the start the exact amount you will receive at the end of the deposit period, because you have a fixed interest rate, regardless of the evolution of the market.
  • The Overnight Deposit is intended to bonus existing cash at the end of each calendar day in the company's core account.

Find out the interest here

How do I use my travel insurance for an event?

In case of an insured event, you, your companion or the attending physician must urgently contact APRIL, at the telephone number + 4021-2019041 or fax + 4021-2019140 to declare the insured event.

You must also provide the following identification data:

• name, surname and CNP of the Insured Person (Insured Card User);
• contact telephone number;
• group insurance policy number AM 875626;
• brief description of the event.

Our dedicated staff is at your disposal for any information about our products and services at tel: 021 303 69 69 or 0800 801 802.02.

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