Overdraft loan

Revolving loan for current activity, up to 12 months


Purpose: It covers the cash-flow needs and offers the possibility to cover temporary liquidity needs, respectively covering working capital needs. It can be used for the purchase of raw materials or goods, payment of wages, payment of utilities, payment of taxes to the state, payments to suppliers, other situations, refinancing facilities of the same type from another bank.

Amount: depending on the needs of the client, provided that it is included in the maximum limit.

Currency: RON, EUR

Maturity: 12 months with the possibility of extension, based on bank’s approval.

Reimbursement method: the facility is attached to a current account of the client, opened with the Bank. Reimbursements will be made automatically from the amounts transferred by the client through the account opened with the Bank, on which the limit is set.

To complete the guarantee structure, guarantees obtained from guarantee funds (e.g. FNGCIMM / FGCR) can be used

Medium term loan

Non-revolving loan for current activity, lasting up to 36/60 months


Purpose: Multiple purposes for business development, as follows: current expenses or expenses specific to the company's activity (suppliers, salaries, payment obligations to the state budget, purchase of stocks, equipment, refinancing). Non-cash drawdowns are not allowed.

Amount: depending on the needs of the client, provided that it is included in the maximum limit.

Currency: RON, EUR

Maturity: 36 months without guarantees, 60 months with guarantees.

Repayment method: in equal monthly or quarterly installments or equal monthly annuities.

To complete the guarantee structure, guarantees obtained from guarantee funds can be used (e.g. FNGCIMM / FGCR)

Ceiling for issuing LG/LC

Issuance of non-cash facilities (letters of guarantee and letters of credit)


Purpose: Issuance of non-cash facilities (letters of guarantee and letters of credit).

Amount: depending on the needs of the client and his financial situation.

Currency: RON, EUR

Maturity: up to 60 months, with the possibility of extension.

Reimbursement method: in case of execution of the letter of guarantee or payment of the letter of credit, reimbursement will be made from the amounts available on the current account and/or from the collateral deposit (if applicable). For cases where the guarantee is not cash collateral and the client does not have amounts available in the current account, the amounts paid by the Bank will be considered uses from the credit facility.

APIA loan

Bridge loan until APIA subsidy is received


Purpose: Customers benefiting from subsidies granted by APIA based on certificates issued by APIA can obtain a bridge loan necessary for carrying out agricultural activity, until receiving the subsidy from APIA. Financing the production cycle, supporting customers benefiting from support schemes implemented by APIA (Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture).

  1. Single area payment scheme - SAPS, redistributive payment, greening payment, rural development compensatory measures applicable on agricultural land.
  2. Annual measures for animal welfare (pigs and poultry).
  3. State aid scheme regulated by Government Decision 1179/2014.

Amount: maximum 90% of the amount due to beneficiaries based on the certificate issued by APIA, but not more than the percentage specified according to the annual conventions in force signed between the Bank and APIA.

Currency: RON

Maturity: maximum 18 months, correlated with the receipt of the APIA subsidy (but not more than June of the following year).

→The final payment term of APIA subsidies may be extended depending on the subsequent notifications of MADR, APIA regarding the date of payment of subsidies.

→ In case of extension of the final payment term of subsidies at the request of MADR and APIA: The loans will be extended without additional analysis in accordance with the new period communicated by APIA, MADR or other institutions (according to the addendum concluded to the Convention with APIA), without the need for an agreement from the client.

Reimbursement method: automatically, (partially* or fully) when receiving the subsidy from APIA.

*If APIA makes advance payments of the subsidy before June of the following year

Credit Doc loan

Financing granted on the basis of payment instruments (promissory notes) or invoices (accompanied by commercial contracts, if applicable)


Purpose: Revolving facility covering temporary financing needs

Note: issuing letters of guarantee/opening letters of credit under this product is not accepted

Amount: depending on the needs of the client, provided that it is included in the maximum limit.

Currency: RON, EUR

Maturity: up to 16 months, with the possibility of extension, if First Bank SA approves.

Note: The duration of 16 months includes the grace period and the maturity period of payment instruments/invoices.

Utilization period: up to 12 months

Reimbursement method: reimbursement will be made upon receipt of settled documents / mortgaged invoices.

Revolving credit line

Credit line with guarantees


Purpose: Financing current activity. Revolving facility, intended for supplier payments, purchase of raw materials, merchandise stock, salary payments, debt payments to the budget, etc. or refinancing facilities with the same destination from other banks. Issuance of letters of bank guarantee and/or letters of credit. The validity term of the letter of guarantee/letter of credit may not exceed the validity period of the credit line. Each letter of credit / letter of guarantee issued on the basis of the ceiling must comply with rules and procedures in force of First Bank SA.

Amount: according to customer needs, provided that it is included in the maximum limit.

Currency: RON, EUR

Maturity: 12 months, with the possibility of extension based on approval of First Bank SA.

Reimbursement method:

  1. During the duration of the facility, the client pays monthly only interest and commissions, throughout the loan period. Also, during the duration of the facility, inline refunds can be made based on the Client's express refund requests. In case of extension, the line can be renewed at maturity, without the need for full repayment, if the eligibility criteria are met or the Bank decides so.
  2. full refund, up to the limit of the amount due, upon expiry of the facility .

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The products presented above are indicative and do not represent an offer to contract or a legal obligation on the part of the Bank or its employees.

If our products are of interest, following the submission of a specific loan application, the documentation requested by the Bank, the positive results of the internal analysis, as well as subject to obtaining all necessary approvals, the specific elements are to be detailed in the offer / credit agreement.

These lending products do not represent First Bank's entire portfolio. In order to receive information regarding the entire portfolio of lending products for legal entities, please contact us at: office@firstbank.ro


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