Investment loan

Development or expansion plans for businesses such as the acquisition of property (real estate, equipment, etc.) or the refinancing of investments performed prior to applying for the current loan and financed from own sources.


Purpose: Term loan is a credit facility created to cover the financing needs of the company, which helps it to develop on the long term, whether it involves changing machinery, machines or purchasing a real estate or modernization of the current headquarters, investment credit is the solution. It finances:

→ up to 85% of the value of investments, acquisitions and constructions, excluding VAT;

→ 100% of the amount to be reimbursed in case of refinancing, up to 50% of the value of the purchased land, excluding VAT.

Amount: Aligned with your investment plan.

Currency: RON, EUR.

Utilization period: full drawdown – in max. 6 months from the date of signing the credit agreement;

Maturity: up to 84 months for the purchase of vehicles/equipment up to 120 months for other investments.

Grace period: up to 6 months for the purchase of vehicles/equipment; up to 12 months for other investments.

Reimbursement method: Repayment can be made in equal monthly installments or in equal monthly annuities.

To complete the guarantee structure, guarantees obtained from guarantee funds (e.g. FNGCIMM / FGCR) can be used.

Loans for financing projects with European / non-reimbursable funds

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Loan for installation of photovoltaic panel systems for prosumers

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This type of credit has a distinct, specially dedicated page. To access it, click here

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The products presented above are indicative and do not represent an offer to contract or a legal obligation on the part of the Bank or its employees.

If our products are of interest, following the submission of a specific loan application, the documentation requested by the Bank, the positive results of the internal analysis, as well as subject to obtaining all necessary approvals, the specific elements are to be detailed in the offer / credit agreement.

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