Visa Platinum

When you need complete freedom.


Your transactions are secure, and you manage your card by yourself.
You can change the PIN code, if you wish to do so, anywhere in our ATMs network and you have permanent transaction control by accessing the “mini-statement” option. And when you trade online, you're completely safe with Verified by Visa (3D Secure).


To avoid unpredictability, choose a trusted partner!
Protection of purchases made in Romania for up to 30 days. Safety in traveling abroad by ensuring medical assistance, insurance for luggage and flight delays, third-party liability and accident insurance.


You have not one, but several options starting with ZERO.
ZERO commission for any transaction you make online or to merchants. ZERO commission for the mini-statement option at the ATM. ZERO commission on invoices in our ATMs network.


Visa Platinum, elegance and exclusivity

  • A contactless, embossed, chip card, with international validity.
  • Available in LEI or EUR.
  • Operations made with the card are performed in real time.
  • You can set flexible daily trading limits.
  • For the available funds, you have the same interest as for the current or savings accounts, depending on the type of accounts attached to the card.
  • You can issue additional cards for friends or relatives.
  • The card has a 3-year validity period.


Here you can view the full cost of the product.

Download the list of fees and commissions here.


Visa Premium, a new dimension of comfort, details here.

Rules for responsible use of cards.

Enjoy the insurance package attached to your Platinum card!


Protection of purchases made in Romania for up to 30 days.

Descarcă aici conditii generale pentru asigurarea privind pierderea sau furtul cardului sau a documentelor și protecția cumpărăturilor


Travels carefree anywhere in the world.

Descarcă aici condiții generale pentru asigurarea de călătorie în străinătate a posesorilor de carduri bancare

If you still have questions, look below for the answers.
If you forget your PIN code, you must contact the Call Center, available 24/7, at 0800.801.802 (free of charge) or +4021.303.69.69 or go to any First Bank branch.
In case your card has been lost or stolen you should contact the Call Center, available 24/7, at 0800.801.802 (free of charge) or +4021.303.69.69 or go to any First Bank branch.
If you do not recognize one of the transactions listed in your account statement, please contact us immediately at 0800.801.802 (free call) and +4021.303.69.69 or go to any First Bank branch within 30 days.
To renew your card, you must contact the Call Center, available 24/7, at the phone numbers +4021.303.69.69 or 0800.801.802 (free of charge) or go to any First Bank branch to request this operation.
In order to receive your salary directly on the card issued by First Bank, all you have to do is to inform your employer about the IBAN code dedicated to your current account attached to your card and the branch where you opened it.

În cazul producerii unui eveniment asigurat, tu, însoțitorul tău, sau Medicul Curant trebuie să contacteze de urgență APRIL, la numărul de telefon +4021-2019041 sau fax +4021-2019140 pentru declararea Evenimentului asigurat.

Trebuie să prezentați totodată și următoarele date de identificare:

•            numele, prenumele și CNP- ul Persoanei Asigurate (Utilizatorul de Card Asigurat);

•            număr telefon de contact;

•            numărul poliței de asigurare de grup AM 875626;

•            descrierea succintă a evenimentului petrecut.

Coverage for COVID-19 will be granted only for states that are NOT on the list of countries in the Red or Yellow Zone on the date of issuing the insurance policy and the date of departure.

More on in the Travel section.

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