Mortgage loan

Whether you already have a house taken through a loan or maybe you want to buy a new one, here we have the most suitable solution for you. You can refinance your loan from another bank or apply for a new one benefiting from a super offer. Apply now, the period is limited (25.11.2022 – 31.01.2023)!


• The repayment term of the borrowed amount is flexible, up to 360 months.

• The borrowed amount is up to EUR 500,000 (RON equivalent) with a variable interest rate of 2.3% + IRCC (1.17%) *.

• You can take the loan together with up to 3 co-payers (husband, wife, partner, parents, kids, brothers)


  • The notary costs related to the mortgage paid by us (within the limit of 2000 lei)
  • Lower monthly rate

*DAE (LEI) – Fixed. Client with income collected in First Bank accounts - is calculated for a credit worth 232,500 LEI, for a duration of 360 months, with repayment in equal monthly installments, with an annual interest rate of 6.99% in the first 5 years and a margin of 2 .99% + IRCC starting with year 6, taking into account the value of the analysis commission, the value of the current account commission, life insurance with an estimated monthly value of 26.65 LEI and real estate with an estimated annual value of 275 LEI (for a value of the guarantee). of LEI), immovable property valuation fee 450 LEI, real estate advertising formalities fee 123.25 LEI and registration fee in the Archives of Real Estate Guarantees of LEI guarantees, DAE = 7.63%.

You are one step closer to home. Leave us your contact details and we will call you shortly.

You can find the complete product sheet and the price example here.

An offer of residential complexes

Now you can get both your home and your funding from the same place.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, look for answers below.

What documents are required to obtain the approval for a real estate investment loan?

If your monthly income is recorded in the NAFA database, you only need your / your co-payer’s Identification Document, if applicable).

Up to what age can I apply for a home improvement loan?

The maximum age for the loan, at the end of the lending period, must be 65 years.

If I cannot get the amount I want, can I bring a co-payer?

Yes. You can bring in maximum 4 co-payers (additional to the spouse or partner).

What monthly income do I need to have to apply for a real estate investment loan?

Minimum EUR 300 / month (in RON equivalent). This level also applies to each of the co-payers (if applicable). 

How can I find out what the maximum amount I can get is?

Visit any First Bank agency or visit our webpage at and we shall provide you with a loan offer that also includes alternatives solutions, and you have 15 days to decide on the best option.

If the salary payment date changes, can I also change the due date of my loan so that I do not record any arrears?

Yes. You can always request, free of charge, to change the due date for your loan.

If my income is from royalties, can I still apply for a home improvement loan?

Yes. Income from royalties is accepted alongside with income from salary, pensions, mandate contracts, self-employment, management contracts or agency contracts, rents, life annuity income.

It is mandatory to conclude insurance policies only through the bank’s partners?

No. You can conclude insurance policies through any insurance company, provided that the minimum insured amount requirements and the covered risks are met. However, through the bank's partners, you can benefit from negotiated levels of insurance premiums.

If I did not find the apartment / house I want to buy by means of this loan, can I find out the maximum amount I could get?

Yes. After reviewing your loan application, the bank provides you with a financial approval letter whereby you find out the maximum amount you can qualify for. Within 60 days of the date of issue, you can decide on the property you want to buy.

What happens if, during the lending period, I can no longer comply with the monthly income transfer condition?

In this case you will lose the interest rate discount originally granted.

What should I know before signing a loan agreement?

Everything you need to know about a loan agreement you will find here (only in romanian):




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